TREND: Homecoming Queen

Maryland, we’re all behind you, raise high the black and gold!

That’s right Terps, it’s about a month away from our Homecoming game against Wake Forest and fashionably we are neck and neck- Wake’s colors are gold and black. That’s why we need to knock them out with a punch of red. Lord knows our team can use all of our support- even the Fashionistas among us.

Football games are great venues for a date with a cute guy- who doesn’t like a girl who loves sports? Lose your voice while cheering, share some boardwalk fries, and you might just catch the eye of your favorite player! Everyone will be sporting their free bookstore tees cut into shreds, baseball hats, beads, and lucky striped tube socks. Sure they’re cute, but you Fashionistas are chic, and your homecoming wardrobe can definitely reflect that fact while screaming school spirit.

This Fashionista’s red, black and white striped romper from H&M is feminine, adorable and team color appropriate- her toenails are even yellow! Her black-cuffed sandals and cardigan are from Target, and her awesome key ring is from Forever21. She saves and she scores! For more cute accessories that even Testudo would fall for, check out these red, black and white bow clips and this turtle necklace from Forever 21.

M-A-R-Y-L-A-N-D, Maryland will win!

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