TREND: Houndstooth Holiday

Many Fashionistas tend to see houndstooth as an outdated pattern reserved only for mature women, but every season, someone revives the trend and shows us otherwise.

As the weather continues to plummet, more and more students are opting to forgo fashion and make warmth the priority. I found this Fashionista on her way to getting a caffeine fix between classes. She caught my eye not only because of her houndstooth coat, but also because of the fun feminine way that she wore it.

With a coat that cut mid thigh and bold black buttons,  paired with black tights and gorgeous laced up wedges, she managed to keep warm and still be extremely fashionable. She was the epitome of cold weather fashion and style.

To get her look, try this gorgeous John Lewis jacket over a simple cold weather dress. Add basic black tights (with a little pattern for the adventurous) and simple black wedges and you're done. If you just want to experiment with this iconic print, incorporate it into your look with smaller accent pieces like these Liliana Cord pumps, a simple scarf or this houndstooth trapper hat. The smaller items will make sure tht the print doesn't over power your look, but still make a statement.

Hint: Another great aspect of this Fashionista's outfit was her hair. Her mid-length locks were a great addition to her feminine look and did a great job of framing her face and drawing attention to her gorgeous smile. Experiment with different hairstyles and find one that helps to highlight your best features!

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