TREND: How to do Finals in Style

It's easy to tell when finals season is rolling in, not only because of the seemingly endless hours spent in the library but also the change in style seen around campus. We're all guilty of it – we tie our hair in a high pony tail, while leggings and/or sweatpants (both if it's especially cold outside) and big sweatshirts make their way out of our pajama drawers into our daily outfit routine. But this Fashionista shows that you don't have to sacrifice your style in the face of the pressure from finals. I love how she is wearing ripped tights with an adorable vintage-looking dress and a layered blazer on top. She shows how it's important to keep your style interesting and unique, while comfortable and unrestricting. The key seems to be finding good substitutes. First, instead of reaching for your generic pair of black leggings in the morning, opt for a warm pair of black opaque tights and lace up booties rather than UGGs. Then, find a loose, cozy dress to throw over your tights. I love how this Fashionista is wearing an adorable multi-colored dress that's long enough to feel both confident and savvy. For long hours of comfort, knit sweater dresses, or a loose frock that ties around the waist might be your best bet. The empire waist is perfect for the library; you can even rock an oversized sweater dress with a thin leather belt. Last, find the perfect jacket. While this Fashionista complements her outfit adorably, you might not be as inclined to reach for a blazer when you know you're headed for the library. Layering a cute, thick vest over a cashmere zip-up hoodie is another great technique of staying stylish without exerting too much effort into your look. Again, the layers work wonders!

Hint: Fabrics to keep in mind for finals season are wool, fur, cashmere and flannel. So, while work is pouring in throughout the next week, relish the fact that you'll be studious and stylish, simultaneously. Staying classy may not keep the sleep deprivation or caffeine away but it will make you feel that much better when you walk to your last set of exams in style!

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