Happy Friday, Fashionista/os! Hope your eyes are still in healthy shape after countless hours of staring at your computer screens, updating yourselves on the Fashion Week photos! Just because there isn't technically a Fashion Week in Bloomington doesn't mean we're not going to look our best anyway, does it? My favorite find this week: Ikat. In tribute, I plan to use as many "i" adjectives as I can muster up!

This inspirational Fashionista caught my attention in one of my classes this week. She paired a perfect Ikat patterened skirt with an unexpected plum cowl top (what a breath of fresh air from the typical black). What accessory caps off this look, you may ask? A simple, gold chained necklace, of course! I specifically remember mentioning a few posts ago how I am all over tiny gold chained necklaces; paired with a perfect, albeit little, charm is immaculate! Let's just say the days of shopping Charlotte Russe's "2 for $8" rack for a long, chunky chain with a bunch of charms at the chest are over. They've updated their inventory and so should we. So, go delicate and tiny with a priceless gold chain. Keeping the accessories simple allows us to focus on the important parts: the clothes!

This Fashionista wasn't the only one sporting my new favorite pattern: our unfailingly impressive designer Anna Sui incorporated Ikat into her Spring 2011 line this Fashion Week. Whether you believe fashion trends trickle down from the runway to the streets or designers nab up our intriguing fads for their racks, it is undeniable that trends spread like wild fire. 

So instead of going for a herringbone or houndstooth pattern this weekend, pick out a mid-west inspired Ikat. After all, don't you want to be able to say you wore it first?

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