TREND: In the Trenches

Think trench coats are only for creepy people in horror movies or business people on Wall Street? Think again. These two Fashionistas show that a classic trench coat can keep you warm, dry and in style.

When picking out your perfect trench, keep in mind the main colors of your wardrobe; if you own mostly black, get a black trench, like the Fashionista on the left, so it matches whatever you wear. Also, get a mid-length trench, as the full length ones do come across as “flasher-esque.” The Fashionista on the right exemplifies how to dress down the trench, with a bit of cheery floral print brightening up the drab day and a cute pair of Wellies.

Conversely, you can dress up a trench with a dress or business-casual clothes if you’re going to an event or a job interview. Every Fashionista knows that looking good doesn’t stop with what clothes you wear, but includes shoes, accessories and coats; a trench keeps you looking good at all levels.

The multifuncionality of the fashionable trench coat makes it a must-have. It’s appropriate for all situations and can make for a provocative Halloween costume!

Hint: Raid your Mom's closet in search of a vintage trend.  Sometimes – just sometimes – Moms have the best clothes.

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