TREND: Indian(a) Summer

Just when you thought it was all balaclavas and boots till spring, Mother Nature pulls a fast one and we find ourselves with sunny skies and soaring temperatures. The unexpected but certainly welcomed change in weather made for some interesting outfits around campus. Jackets that began the day as a barrier to the cold morning air, by afternoon became blankets to sprawl on as students were seen lounging in the grass between classes.

The Fashionista seen here appeared cool and confident as she went about her day, so much so that I just had to stop and take her picture. Any time I see a traditional article of clothing worn in a unique way, I am always intrigued. I love the way this Fashionista styled her button-down shirt. With her sleeves rolled up and the waist tied just so, she was exuding great personal style—and who doesn’t love a little midriff in November? Beyond the shirt, what I really love about this Fashionista is the overall impression of confidence she conveyed. The boots, jeans, shirt, and accessories all work together to make a complete look—and one that she was obviously happy to present to the world.

Hint: Looking for a little edge this holiday season? Try this boot from Frye. Perhaps it will even inspire a bit of fashion conversation around the table this Thanksgiving.

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