TREND: Inspirational Shearling

There are multiple ways to be inspired these days – from blogs and websites to magazines and runways, however I am fortunate enough to be able to simply look across the hall (when I’m home that is) to my younger sister to be inspired. Though she may be younger, she may be wiser when it comes to fashion. Whether it’s a look similar to this one, relaxed yet still with style or something she mindlessly throws on in the morning, her combinations just work. It is a sign of a well-rounded wardrobe when someone is able to put on an outfit with such ease and still look presentable. I am lucky to have someone so close to me that I can look to when I need advice – advice that I always trust. I look forward to watching her grow up and see her style evolve with her. So one of my tips for today is to look around at your closets friends and family and see if there is someone close to you to be inspired by.

As for her outfit, of course I love it. After being in London for just a few days I have seen countless amounts of shearling attire, from boots to vests to jackets – it has exploded. On a warmer day, a silk oversized shirt such as hers is ideal, however she also wears it with a thick knit underneath in replace of a proper jacket. A shearling jacket is another option as well; more practical if you live in a colder climate and a jacket is needed more often. To complete her outfit, a pair of thick leggings with short leather boots balances out the look.

Hint: Experiment with shearling first. Real shearling can be quite pricey so start with a less expensive jacket like this leather one to see if you fancy it enough to invest in one. Another option is the Topshop vest that this Fashionista is wearing for vests won’t be as much money when it comes to the real deal. Either way, shearling is definitely one of the “it” trends for this winter – so whether its incorporated in your vest, jacket or shoes you’ll be sorted.

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