TREND: Inspire Spring

Yesterday was a remarkable day. The sun was shining so brightly that my eyes needed a few seconds to adjust. The trees were swaying back and forth to the tunes my iPod was blasting in my ears, and there was one of those gentle winds that felt great after being trapped in class. Thinking about all of these factors makes me anxious for spring; however, I am not about to become one of those crazy kids who sees the sun out for the first time in awhile and decides to go to class in shorts. Instead, we should all look for outfits which inspire spring but are still practical for the indecisive weather.

This Fashionista executed this concept perfectly. She simply took a vibrant orange jacket and paired it with a black embroidered top, a paisley skirt, black leggings, and metallic shoes. Every element of this outfit radiates spring with a warm spin to it.

First off, this Fashionista chose an untraditional but vibrant peacoat. Unlike most peacoats, this jacket is a fierce orange color and only has one set of buttons going down the front. This makes the jacket stand out and allows it to be worn during the spring transition.

Next, this Fashionista chose to take her black top which is embroidered with tiny white flowers and pair it with a long paisley skirt. Paisley is very in this season, and I recommend this adorable Paisley shirt from J.Crew. Both the embroidered top and the long paisley skirt are unforgettable on their own. However, when they are worn together, they exemplify the spring theme of flowers. I personally love this combination because it is unexpected but fashionable.

To complete this look, this Fashionista wore black leggings and an unforgettable pair of metallic shoes. I have been seeing a lot of metallic shoes like these this season, and I personally think there isn’t a better item to make people look twice. I recommend buying a metallic pair of TOMS to get this bold and comfortable look.

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