TREND: Internship Apparel with a Twist

As summer commences in London, students begin a variety of work experiences throughout the city. Since work experiences vary, so does the level of formality that is expected of the interns. From formal business attire to semi formal business attire, all are visible. This Fashionista is an example of how to dress for semi formal business attire, minus the trainers, which many use to commute to work in and then change into more appropriate shoes for the rest of the day. Her high-waisted, tailored trousers are a chic alternative to the more traditional pencil skirt and have become increasingly popular. Looking closer, her Topshop belt adds a bit of flare with the tassel. The majority of this Fashionista’s outfit is from Zara, however trousers similar to hers are available on ASOS. She finishes it up with minimal accessories making the overall look clean cut and ready for the office. 

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