TREND: It’s All About Matching Colors

Slouchy cardigan, tapered trousers, high waist, everything about this look so simple and clean. This Fashionista passed me by and I just couldn’t turn my eyes off her. What's successful about this outfit is the combination of white, light grey and navy blue and how they worked so well together against the paleness of her skin. 

The high waist and the billowy texture of her pants created a sense of relaxation and casualness while maintaing a fashion forward look all at once. The slim bottom of the pants is easily fitted to her ankles drawing focus to her legs and giving a sense of elongation. 

Because harem pant are loud enough on their own, my suggestion would be to maintain a minimalist look throughout the rest of your ensemble. Today's Fashionista did just that and let her harem pants do all the talking! 

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