To me, accessories make an outfit. They completely transform the look of a simple ensemble to make it your own. This particular Fashionista accomplished this perfectly by using a white button-up and black skinny jeans as base, a combination worn by many but not put to their full potential by all. Black and white are ideal colors to begin with because anything can be worn with them. From there, her scarf adds just the right amount of subtle color for autumn and nonchalantly matches her hair. It doesn’t scream for attention or take away from other aspects of her outfit, such as her boots. To me her combat boots make the outfit – they take the white tee and black skinny jeans to the next level. Combat boots have been one of the main trends this fall, transitioning in smoothly by being worn with shorts on warmer days and skinny jeans or leggings on cooler days. Personally, I go back and forth with this trend, not even sure if I’d be able to pull it off. However, this Fashionista’s boots I like in particular because they are a slimmer fit than ones I had been seeing over the summer. Be prepared to see this stylized combat boot more often as Refinery29 predicted it to be one of the most “Bad-A** Boots For Fall.” With bold accessories like a scarf and boots, jewelry should be subtle and at a minimum, which is exactly what this Fashionista did. Her thin gold necklace is long enough to be noticed against the crisp white shirt, but delicate enough not to take over. As for her bracelet, the gold connects with the rest of the outfit and the fact that it is worn solo is a statement in itself. Recently, everyone has been stacking loads of bracelets on to their wrists (myself included), however sometimes it is a breath of fresh air just to wear one that goes with an outfit. Essentially, when accessorizing an outfit you are starting with your own blank canvas and ‘painting’ it by adding your own unique aspects and taste to it. So the next time you throw on a simple white tee, make it your own – it’s the little things that make a difference.

Hint: Personally, scarves are my defining piece to an outfit and I tend to find the majority of mine at Zara, but keep your eyes open because they can be found in almost any store. Also, to get the tailored combat boot look try these Jeffrey Campbell ones, a sleek combination of a riding and combat boot.

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