TREND: Jeans + Shorts = Jorts

Remember back about a decade ago when the movie Joe Dirt premiered. Now, I know Joe Dirt is not recognized as being a fashion industry leader or known for his impeccable sense of style; however, some have jumped on his trendsetting bandwagon. He was famous for his cut-off jean shorts, flannel button downs, the mullet hairstyle, and a hilarious sense of humor. Thankfully, not all of these trends have resurfaced again but there is one that isn’t going anywhere in the near future. Lately the cut-off jean short trend has become unavoidable regardless of your whereabouts. Whether you bought the shorts frayed or took a pair of shears to an old piece of denim, jorts are a must-have trend.

Fashionista/o’s everywhere are channeling their inner grunge by pairing jorts with just about anything. This Fashionisto actually made his jorts himself by cutting a pair of jeans right below the knee line. Cutting the shorts to this length allows for maximum comfort and they are long enough for everyday menswear. He paired his jorts with a light button-down top and a North Face Hiker Hat, which creates a bit of a safari-inspired ensemble. To finish the outfit, he paired an unusual rope sandal that he bought from Gurkee’s. The unexpected texture of the sandal adds a nice contrast and it is an Eco friendly addition. 

Hint: To prove that the comeback of jorts is not a joke, check out these posts around other college campuses to help inspire your next outfit.


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