TREND: Jellies Gone Grownup

This Fourth of July, leave the patriotic prints for the kids.  Instead, embrace playfully trendy yet adult pieces that pay homage to the good ol' holiday of red, white and blue. This includes the ever-versatile grownup version of the classic jelly sandal. Yes, the same looks-good-enough-to-eat, plastic wonder we once had in every color (sparkles optional) has become mainstream wearable.

To prevent it from looking juvenile, opt for a trendy gladiator shape and keep the clothes simple and chic. I caught this Fashionista on campus housing before a night out. The translucent jellies pair harmoniously with a classic Grecian shape turned breezy sun dress: perfect for grass-laying and fireworks-watching. An armor-like star spangled cuff and woven leather oversized clutch contrast the feminine playfulness by adding a much needed dose of bold texture. Here are a few other jelly options:

Jelly 1

Jelly 2

Jelly 3

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