TREND: Keep it Simple

Just how our minds are boggled when too much information is thrown at us all at once, an outfit with too much going on can make us scream “information overload!” Instead of wearing all your favorite items at once, wearing just one of your favorite pieces will actually draw the right attention to your outfit – just like this unique scarf instantly drew my eyes to this Fashionista’s simple and classy outfit.

It’s safe to say the Fashionista/os at ASU aren’t wearing a month’s worth of their favorite clothing or accessories in one outfit. They’re going for minimalism looks with one bold accessory to make their look truly theirs – whether it’s a necklace made of large stone jewels that they purchased from a trip to Mexico City or a pair of vintage earrings they spotted while thrift shopping.

The key to a simple outfit is keeping a constant one or two solid color palette of any given top, bottom or one-piece. The Fashionista’s choice of a solid dodger blue tee paired with a well-fitted black pencil skirt was the perfect pick when she decided to add in a yellow, deep red and navy patterned scarf to make her look exclusive. The Fashionista’s choice of black shoes was also an excellent decision because, again, it’s constant to keeping the same two-color palette. As mentioned by other College Fashionita/os, follow the advice of the Queen of Class, Ms. Coco Chanel, who once said, “When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on.”

Hint: For ideas of how to create your own clean and simple look throughout fall and winter, check out this post on Who What Wear on how to master the fabulous minimalism look from the runways. A word of advice I was always told is that if you’re going to mix materials or patterns, make sure they’re in the same color palette.

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