TREND: Kickin’ It

Winter footwear options tend to be pretty limited. Jack Rogers sandals haven’t been an option for several months now, and with chilly winds and frozen precipitation, even your favorite ballerina flats aren’t very practical for roaming around campus. Some mornings, it seems like boots- riding, cowboy, or rain- are the only thing to pull on for class. But as today’s Fashionista demonstrates, tennis shoes aren’t just for the student rec center these days.

Of course, there’s a subtle art to incorporating your Nikes into a class-ready look. Steer clear of boot-cut jeans or pants that will partially cover your feet. You’ll want your kicks to be the main attraction. This Fashionista does just that by pairing dark jeggings with brightly patterned Coach high tops. An oversized rugby shirt and pink hair bow help her tie together a cozy yet girly look.

Whether you’re more a cardigan and pearls kind of girl or would rather rock a leather jacket and cuffs, there’s a pair of kicks out there for you. With the Nike ID service, you can customize a pair of Dunks that fit right in with your wardrobe. Lacoste also has a great selection of canvas lace-ups that are just the right mix of classic and cheeky. Of course, don’t forget to consider a pair of the original tennis shoe- Converse.

Hint: Wearing tennis shoes outside the gym is all about keeping the proportions of your outfit in check, which may require a bit of trial and error. Keep your eyes open for other style stars who pull off the look. While you’re at it, check out these other posts featuring other kicks-wearing Fashionistas from the University of Michigan, West Virginia University, and Colorado State University.

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