TREND: Kickin

Who doesn’t have at least a little bit of school spirit? Even if we don’t all go painting our faces scarlet and white for hockey games in the winter, we all have Terrier love in our hearts. Everyday you are sure to find people walking around campus donning BU apparel proudly. While everyone loves a good sweatshirt, the most fashionable way to show school pride is with items with a classic vintage aesthetic to them. This Fashionista wears her Terrier love on her long-sleeve thermal. The fabric appliqué that says BU gives the thermal a vintage feel. She is definitely promoting some old-school style. Forty Seven Brand is a fantastic place to look for attire with a vintage touch. Although BU is not listed on their website as one of the schools they create apparel for, don’t worry! You are sure to find a few pieces at the BU bookstore, like the thermal this Fashionista is wearing. This is great for not only school-sprit days, but everyday as well. One of the hot trends this season is varsity prep, which definitely ties into school spirit. Instead of rummaging through your parent’s boxes in the attic, you can surely find a cute letterman’s jacket in stores or a baseball jacket, like these ones from Rugby or Topshop. While the authentic letterman’s jacket is preferred, we can all fake it every once in awhile. Vintage is in, so lets kick it back old-school BU. 

Hint: When shopping for school-themed apparel, reach for the uni-sex or men’s apparel. Women’s clothing is generally very fitted and often pink, regardless of school colors, whereas men’s apparel is loose fitting and a little more comfortable. Perfect for lounging around, you can achieve the boyfriend trend while supporting your school. You will definitely look stylish in an oversized top with leggings and boots in the winter.

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