TREND: Kickin’ It Old School

Greetings Fashionistas ans Fashionistos!  In this eco-friendly world, bicycles are king. I’ve noticed that the dedicated peddlers of UW-Madison seem to be creating an observable style of their own as they parade around campus on two wheels. I found this Fashionisto attempting to piece together his new fixed-gear bike.  He was rocking an outfit that was somewhat reminiscent of the 1920’s (flat cap and vest) reinvented, of course, with a polo and sunglasses.

At first, I was put off by the mix of styles: the dressy cap and vest with the sneakers and reflective-lens sunglasses. Then I remembered: its fashion, anything is viable. What matters, in the end, is the overall quality of the look. Most importantly, what I had in mind with this outfit, is that the vest (especially in neutral colors), is a fall must-have for all you Fashionistos out there. You may be thinking: a vest is too dressy for the regular school day (especially if your favorite outfit, like so many others, is your red Badgers t-shirt and sweats), but I feverishly urge you to reconsider. Just look at what this Fashionisto has done: the skinny gray pants and sneakers make the vest less dressy, providing us an overall casual feel. A word to the wise: there is such a thing as too dressy for class. A vest just isn’t one of them.

Hint: This fall, if you do end up sporting a vest, I would consider twill paints as a plausible pairing partner. On the dressier side, women adore men who aren’t afraid to stand out. On another note: If you are looking a hat, check out The Sacred Feather on State Street. Interested in caps? They have an array of different styles on their website.

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