TREND: Knee-High Nylons

To wear or not to wear pantyhose. What’s appropriate? Nowadays, we tend to go bare-legged, but years ago it was a fashion rule to stick to wearing hosiery. Since we are no longer expected to wear this leg-wear, we are given the choice, which makes them more of a fashion accessory. One way to make a hosiery statement is with knee-high nylons. This Fashionista wears her gray dress and grandpa cardigan with a taupe scarf. Paired with black knee-high nylons and black patent leather flats, her stylish ensemble is complete. By wearing the black nylons, she adds a chic element and a unexpected flair. Hue has a variety of “knee hi’s” that would be a perfect addition to an outfit. They have many different textures, such as their classic rib and their sueded opaque ones. They vary in sheens, texture and color. While it is fun to mix up colors, keeping the tights and shoes monotone, like this Fashionista did, is a great idea. It keeps the look more put together and sophisticated. Since black tights go with most outfits, if you don’t already have a pair, you should definitely look into getting a pair of black patent leather flats. The shiny patent will look great with the nylons. Whether or not you choose to go with colored knee-highs or black ones, there is no doubt that these nylons are reaching new heights this fall.

Hint: If you are planning on wearing knee-high nylons, make sure your dress or skirt hits about mid-thigh. When your skirt is knee-length, it breaks your body into unflattering proportions because there will just be a small section of your bare knee. However, you don’t want the skirt to be too short. Even if the skirt is really not that short, it will look even shorter now.

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