TREND: Knit Leggings

It was very tempting these past few days to throw on a pair of flats and a light jacket, because the temperature this past weekend gave us false hopes of an early spring. Instead, it was just a teaser with an unusual high of 70°! Just a few days later we were faced with snow and ice around campus once again. As soon as the snow hit most students went straight back to their puffy jackets and leggings, frustrated at Mother Nature for this rollercoaster of weather. Amongst a sea of black, this Fashionista immediately caught my eye with her knee length, tan shearling jacket and her colorful knit leggings. Not only does that jacket most likely provide the same amount of warmth as a puffy jacket, but it also pleases the eye. As for the most unique part of her outfit, her leggings are a definite win.

Day after day, black leggings are probably one of the most-worn pieces of clothing, not only on this college campus, but many throughout the country. I mean, what other piece of clothing can provide that kind of comfort without looking like a slob. They are many people’s go-to item on a slow moving morning. However, this Fashionista breaks away from the standard black and ventures out with color, something that is very rare when it comes to leggings. Not only are the leggings full of various patterns and colors, but the fabric is knit rather than your typical spandex-cotton mix. Though this is not seen very often throughout GW, it does seem to be a prevailing trend on the streets of London and New York City. Paired with an oversized T-shirt or sweater, or worn even with sneakers, knit leggings can go a long way.

Hint: To experiment with knit, try this pair of leggings from ASOS, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, have some fun with these reindeer patterned leggings.

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