TREND: Knowing What Time it is

Summer is the perfect way to show a casual side to your wardrobe, along with your dating regime. Instead of going for a fancy dinner to get to know your new beau, why not enjoy the warm weather with a game of miniature golf, or cool down with a trip to a local frozen yogurt shop.

This Fashionista dresses perfectly for a summer date by incorporating fun basics with a little chic flare. An ideal “go to” outfit for a fun date is a plaid shirt with a pair of Hollister shorts. I recommend this Sparkle & Fade Plaid Shoulder Pad Button-Down Shirt from Urban Outfitters because it is made out of cotton, instead of flannel.

Instead of wearing sandals, spice up your typical summer shoes with a pair of fun boating inspired shoes, like this Fashionista did. Her Balsa Women’s Shoe from Nike comes in many different color schemes to fit to any Fashionista’s preference!

My favorite part of this outfit is the watch accessory because it separates her outfit from being too casual for a date. Her Fossil Watch can be found at the local Buckle in Eugene, OR. I love the rhinestone studded brim of the watch combined with the white band, because it makes the watch a unique piece of statement jewelry. 

So, for your next date, feel free to let down your hair and be sure to enjoy it by adding some fun accessories to a basic outfit!

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