Odds are that you have already decided on your Turkey Day ensemble, but if you are in the “procrastination club” like most of us IU students, then we have a few last minute suggestions that you can throw together with pieces from your closet. Fashionistas, we love the idea of keeping it cute and comfortable by pairing a feminine shirt-dress with stylish leggings and heels. Because many of you will be traveling in cold weather, be sure to grab your long peacoat or leather jacket to stay warm and a chunky scarf. Fashionistos, keep it simple by pairing a classy pair of brown or black pants with a forest green button-up. Dark denim is acceptable, but try to dress it up with a tie or blazer.

Hint: On this Thanksgiving day, this style guru would like to give thanks to all the Fashionistas that dress in their personal style on Indiana’s campus everyday. And also thanks to these cutesy

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