TREND: Layer by Layer

Trends come and go, so when multiple items are in style, why not seize the season and layer them on top of each other?

This Fashionista did just that by casually piling on trends and creating an outfit that shows her individuality. She threw on a menswear-inspired blazer over a grungy graphic T-shirt with neon details, giving the trend her own flair. Referencing a trend popularized by the likes of Alexander Wang, she layered denim shorts over a pair of tights – chic and warm for November in Boston. Her accessories are on-point, ranging from her animal print bag to her studded boots.

While this outfit is certainly busy, it is undoubtedly trendy. If simplicity is more your style, pick one or two of the trends that speak to you and match them with a more basic ensemble. If you like clean lines, hint at the menswear trend by combining these tailored Lauren Moffatt shorts with thick black tights and a fitted blazer. If grunge is your thing, show off your inner rocker chick by accessorizing your go-to skinny jeans and white T-shirt with animal print boots or a studded clutch.

Whether your motto is “less is more” or “the more the merrier,” there are infinite ways to incorporate the latest trends into your wardrobe. The key: picking and choosing the trends that make you comfortable. 

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