TREND: Layered Love

The first thing I thought when I saw today's Fashionista was "wow, she is wearing a lot of clothes," as I took a closer look I noticed that this practical fall layering resulted in a look that is very similar to the 1990s grunge style. The idea of 90s grunge brings back childhood memories of the Hanson brothers and the stoner group in "Clueless." However, as fashion icon Mary-Kate Olsen has shown in the tabloids, the faded and layered trend may be back. 

Practicality wise, layering is the best way to maximize your options when it comes to the varying weather conditions. At the same time, wearing T-shirts, zip-ups, leggings, and shorts (like this Fashionista) is a great way to make multiple statements and add depth to your wardrobe. For example, try layering your favorite graphic tee with either a vest, button down, or jacket. When choosing each piece think about what message it adds to your ensemble. If you're feeling rocker chic, choose darker colors and patterns that express that trend.

When layering the bottom half of your outfit, take a cue from this Fashionista and be inventive. This Fashionista chose to mix a geometric patterned legging with denim shorts and oxford style boots.One way to switch it up is by pairing a jegging with a cotton skirt

Hint: For those who may be reluctant to try such a dramatic trend, try layering one half of your body instead of both. This is a good way to test the waters of the super layered look before jumping in head first.

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