TREND: Layering for Fall

For those of us who have a weak spot for floral, summer dresses, and bright colors all around, putting away those items close to our hearts is always challenging come fall. Instead of forbidding ourselves the clothing we love because of an entitlement we feel toward a seasonal uniform, why not transition those pieces?

Around campus a trend that has been successfully popular is the summer dress with a cardigan or short sweater. A look that’s perfect for transitioning into fall. The Fashionista/os around campus aren’t hiding their summer pieces just yet; instead they’re going for layers. The one tool they’re using to make this a fabulous look is the cardigan, an essential for layering any bare arm top or dress. Who would have thought a British Major General would inspire such a chic look? (The cardigan is named after James Thomas Brudenell, the seventh Earl of Cardigan). The featured Fashionista shows an example of how we can cover a floral mini with a solid-color cardigan.  Once again, keeping in mind that cardigans are your best friends this season!

Glamour magazine’s Dos and Don’ts of Fall Fashion Trends offers some insightful advice on how we should go about layering this fall, one being: “DON’T be afraid of bulky sweaters: Just add a belt at the waist and show off your pretty shape.”-A great piece of advice for those of us who have ever felt like our bodies are drowning in a pool of fabric. One last piece advice from Glamour that we should keep in mind if all else fails this season, “DON’T forget to have fun!”

Hint: Cardigans aren’t the only articles of clothing that make layering fun. Check out these looks from Free People’s September Lookbook to get more ideas on how you can add the right layers to your wardrobe.

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