TREND: Layering Up

Blazers, trench coats, capes, jackets and overcoats, during the winter months all of these pieces clutter every Fashionista's closet. To some dismay, cold weather allows for layering and the allowance of multiple outerwear pieces to express one’s stylish and creative side.

This week’s Fashionista is showing how she keeps stylish and warm in her navy blue blazer. To start, I really liked the light gray lining on the blazer. This lining changes the blazer from every other blazer you see in a store, to something that catches your eye.

Moving along this Fashionista added a stripped sweater under the blazer, giving off a contemporary/casual feel to her ensemble. This Fashionista finished up her look with a worn-in pair of cognac boots. Every 

Hint: I found many blazers that were varients of the blazer this Fashionista is wearing, I narrowed it down to a few of my favorite. The first jacket is navy blue with brown accents.This blazer is very modern and is easy to do a lot with especially dress up which is really fun! The second is a classic. Every Fashionista/o needs essential pieces like this in their wardrobe. 

This week get inspired by today's Fashionista and wear your favorite blazer. 

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