TREND: Layers in Check

Layering is a concept we Bostonians are quite familiar with. First put on the t-shirt. Next, add the sweater, then the hoodie, then the jacket. Keep going until your body is sufficiently insulated from the cold – you know the drill. However, this Fashionista is doing a different kind of layering. Instead of piling on layer upon layer of bulk, she piles on layer upon layer of trends.

From head to toe, she looks trendy and effortless. She wears a cozy gray top with lace details, paired with black leggings. However, this is no ordinary shade of black: it has a bit of sheen to it. For a similar look, try these leggings from American Apparel. In my opinion, the sheen is key here because it contrasts with her feminine, lacy top, making her appear a bit more edgy.

She accessorizes with a black “mock croc” shoulder bag, black slouchy boots and an oversized white watch. Topped off with a black and red checked scarf, she adds color to her otherwise neutral palette. For an even more vibrant burst of color, skip the black and red combo for this bright Kate Spade scarf. It’s not easy to combine lace, shine and checks into one outfit, but this Fashionista does it well.

Any of these pieces can be mixed with other wardrobe staples to create dozens of outfits. For example, you can match the boots and leggings with a sequined top for a night on the town, or don the lace top and checked scarf with high-waisted skinny jeans for class. Just make sure that you layer with the appropriate amount of bulk to protect you on those sub-zero Beantown days.


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