TREND: LBD for a Casual Tuesday

Every girl knows that the perfect little black dress is a necessity, and many women have several slinky options hiding in the backs of their closets. But most women see the LBD as formal wear, and relegate wearing them to cocktail parties and special dates.

But few women realize that  the LBD can be worn for casual day-to-day occasions as well. This Fashionista wore her casual cotton LBD to class and was able to dazzle without all the formal embellishments. A simple pair of flats and a patterned scarf was all it took to tie her outfit together.

Casual dresses are a staple on college campuses so it's no surprise that LBD's would eventually find their way into college wear. Little black dresses can cute and stylish without being too flashy or overstated.

To get this Fashionista's look try rocking any of these more casual LBD's. They're versatile and fashionable, and will have you looking chic and stylish without too much effort.

Hint: The best part about casual LBD's is that they can still be dressed up for more formal occasions with well chosen accessories. By getting LBD's that are more casual, you extend your wardrobe by being able to get more wear out of the one article of clothing.

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