TREND: Subtle Fashion Statements

Everyone knows that a little goes a long way, that's why accessories have always been my favorite part of an outfit. Accessories can be express your personality, in forms of your belts, handbags, watches, rings, necklaces, sunglasses, and clutches. I think the trendy colors have been either neutrals or pastels. Lately, I've seen some interesting combinations on the University of Oregon campus. Students are showing off their threads with some leather belts, sunglasses (when the sun occasionally makes an appearance), and handbags. This week's Fashionista shows off her leather belt with a tie dye dress and nude sandals. She enjoys wearing a variety of different belts with her outfits. The Fashionista demonstrates how easy it can be to change an ordinary outfit into a fashion statement with the color combination and selected accessories.

Hint: You can find artistic, inexpensive belts at Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom. These leather belts can go with stylish shorts, shirts , and dresses.

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