TREND: Leather Heaven

Finding a comfortable outfit for a day on Foggy Bottom isn't difficult. This Fashionista shows it perfectly: jeans, a simple black long sleeved cotton top, an oversized tote, cute metallic ballet flats, and an adorable hair bow to complete her look. But what makes her outfit, and what's always a perfect addition to any fall outfit. is her gorgeous black leather jacket. Finding the right leather jacket for fall really isn't as easy as it looks. You have to find that perfect cut, length and shape to match your body, while considering the occasions in which you are going to wear it. Color is also significant in making your final decision. While the plain black leather jacket is truly a timeless piece, I've seen more and more Fashionista's around campus sporting light greys, and browns. I've even seen the addition of furs on the inseam of jackets to stay warm in the windy fall. Adding fur is also a great example the faux fur trend seen on the recent runways.This isn't a small investment! From experience, I know mine is a great piece to have for every day use; whether it's to class, dinner with the girls, or even to an internship, I love how easily accessorized leather can be. Throw on a gorgeous classic scarf that compliments your jacket and look unique. And I just can't get enough of this Fashionista's amazing find!

What's best about leather, however, is that you don't have to discriminate to just wearing it on your jacket. I love wearing cute leather skirts with black opaque tights, and a warm cashmere sweater on top to soften the intensity of the skirt. This gives a perfect excuse to throw on your adorable pair of black ankle booties that have been hiding out from summer. Accessories like leather gloves are also perfect with a big wool coat once the snow starts hitting the ground!

Hint: While leather truly is a wonderful fabric for fall and winter, be careful not to wear too much! Rocking one piece with the material is more than enough for one outfit during the day.

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