TREND: Leather Outerwear, Anywhere

With Halloween coming up this weekend, it's about the time everyone starts narrowing down their costume ideas. There's been lots of talk about Lady Gaga, the Jersey Shore cast and PlayBoy Bunnies. Every year I struggle to come up with a unique, fun and, key word, afforable halloween costume. Being the Fashionista that I am, I hate spending money on clothing I won't re-wear and packaged Halloween costumes are expensive and usually, not fashion-friendly. That's where our Fashionista's this week come in! They are my Halloween costume inspiration, and for good reason. 

This week's Fashionistas show off their excellent taste in two different styles of classic leather jackets. A great leather jacket is the perfect piece to add to your collection since it's a fashion staple that always look chic and can add an edge to any look. A leather jacket isn't a fussy item to work with since you can throw it on over almost anything, like most classic looks. They come in every shape, size, color and fit, so the sky's the limit! These ladies show off their individual styles, while exhibiting two fabulous ways to style a leather jacket. The Fashionista on the left wears her jacket with jeans, moccasins, and a warm scarf- opting for a comfy approach. The Fashionista on the right, rocks a more edgy look with black leggings, lace-up boots and a beanie cap. 

What do their outfits have to do with a Halloween costume, you say? Their classic black leather jackets pay homage to the iconic Sandy from Grease! Sandy is the embodiment of an All-American girl, with an attitude. Best of all, every item of clothing for Sandy's costume can be worn again, because her look is so streamlined and classic, and that's always in style. To achieve Sandy's look, pick up a pair of slick, skin-tight leggings, and a form-fitting, black V-neck shirt. Throw on a stretchy black belt and any black leather jacket over top. Curl your hair, add some red lipstick and sexy heels, and you've got the perfect fashion-friendly Halloween costume. If you keep up on trends (I know all you Fashionista's do) you'll probably own half of these items already. If you don't, you'll just be adding classic, easily pair-able pieces to your closet. 

Hint: When looking for a leather jacket, find one that fits YOUR personality. If your more laid back, go for a looser-fitting, faded jacket. If you're style is girlish, go for a leather jacket with ruffles! 

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