TREND: Leggings Are A Girl’s [Other] Best Friend

I remember the day I was first introduced to leggings, and spandex for that matter. As a five year-old in brilliantly colored, flower-patterned spandex, I felt invincible on my first day in kindergarten. Today, as a 21 year-old woman, and sans neon flowered leggings, I get the same feeling. Funny how leggings can help overcome life’s everyday problems.

If wearing leggings were a sport, this Fashionista would go pro. She doesn’t underestimate the power of the black color. Although today we see patterned leggings, knitted leggings, multi-colored leggings, and leather leggings, black is a staple whose power shouldn’t be glossed over. Black leggings make any outfit look sleek and easy. To make the look her own, she’s tucked the garment into her flats. At first glance, I had thought that those suckers were stirrup leggings. As I asked her to pose for me, she commented, “No, they’re just a little too long. I tuck them in my shoes so I can still wear them.” How’s that for some impromptu styling?

The rest of this Fashionista’s outfit is equally impressive. She’s perfectly layered from head to toe. The ruffled tunic peeks out from underneath her tweed jacket, giving the outfit a flirty, pretty feel. The jacket is wonderful in and of itself. Hooded, tweed, and thigh-length—what’s not to love? Her canvas back-sack is to die for. With leather and gold accents, this worn-in piece is a perfect accessory to any student’s attire. Finally, the purple flats immediately draw your attention and add a punch of color that we are craving for as the not-so-colorful winter weather approaches.

Hint: Leggings are virtually everywhere, so don’t settle for a pair you don’t think you’ll wear. Leggings are meant to aid in easing an outfit out of your endless closet, so make sure you have a couple of pairs that are comfy and contribute a little something of their own. To your collection, add a pair of knitted pointelle leggings. Another must-have staple is a pair with great color and texture, like these suede knockouts. I'm always a huge fan of the zipper too—check out these ankle side-zip leggings.

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