TREND: Legwear is Where It’s At!

Thigh highs, knee highs, tights, socks, and leggings. Legwear has always had a solid spot in the fashion industry. Many designers use these essential pieces to give their designs a polished look. Adding leg wear like thigh highs or colored tights can add a punch of color and style to any outfit. Many incorporators of this trend use bright colored tights and leggings to express their individuality. Today's Fashionista gives a great example of this.

Starting from the top, this Fashionista is quarter lengthed grey sweater, a black mini skirt, grey colored tights, tall black socks, two-tone Lanvin ankle boots, and a small leather side-hanging bag. Sweaters are definitely a rising trend for the the winter season. A warm sweater is an easy article of clothing that can be dressed up or down. What interested me about this Fashionista's outfit was the fact that she wore colored tights with tall black socks over them. It was an unexpected twist to adding leg accessories to the outfit. It shows how this fashionista wanted to express her unique sense of style with the colored tights, but wore socks to keep warmth and style. The Lanvin ankle boots worn is the final item that pulls the outfit together. The dark color of the boots gives a winter feel to the aforementioned outfit.

This Fashionista knows how to accessorize. She understands the old term less is more. Her simple black leather cross-body bag and Michael Kors silver and gold watch are the perfect combination.

Hint: To accomplish this look, you must look at it in parts. When I saw this sweater I automatically thought of Forever 21. This sweater can be picked up almost anywhere, a simple gray sweater will do the trick. These booties reminded of the boots today's Fashionista was seen wearing, I thought these were interesting too. To mix it up studded combat boots could help you achieve an edgier look. For some help with the socks, here is a cheap alternative.

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