TREND: Leopard and scarlet

Feeling bold and confident? Let your clothes do all the talking. Spruce up in a daring red hue with a splash of leopard print to show your wild side. No color displays poise and adventure better than a bright, notice-me crimson; and no other pattern can complement this loud color better than the equally edgy leopard spots that add an extra element of surprise and visual variation into your outfit without competing with the flamboyant red color palette.

This Fashionista scores an A+ with her tasteful combination of these two fierce elements. She wears a cherry-red sweater cardigan paired with red patent leather ballet flats. The leopard scarf offers just the right dose of animal print, while the simple white button-down tee and the basic black skinny jeans balance the intensity of the outfit. Her look is embellished with subtle hints of gold

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