TREND: Less is Always More

All too often we shy away from neutral hues, convincing ourselves that the more color, the better. But, if there’s one important lesson I’ve learned that relates to fashion (and many other important aspects of life), it’s that less is more. You can still put together a head-turning outfit with no color at all.

I noticed this Fashionista because of her sleek look and elegant demeanor. Her outfit looked effortless, but yet stood out so well to me. The gray top was what grabbed my attention first. Although there’s nothing uncommon about it (she shyly muttered, “Oh, it’s just from Express"), the oversized ¾ sleeves and the flow of the fabric make this top perfect for class. The button-up aspect puts a masculine play on the garment and makes the look a little more casual. She rocks black leggings that disappear into her, what seem, endless, over-the-knee boots. She tells me they’re by Michael Kors and I immediately make a mental note to add them at the top of my Christmas list. The zipper detail adds that extra pop to the boots and makes them look even longer than they already are.

What I love most about this outfit, though, is how she uses her lack of color to her advantage. The gray and black work together to produce an outfit that looks so sophisticated and confident without screaming for attention. For this Fashionista, less is definitely more.

Hint: Blacks, whites, and grays don’t have to drown you out. When put together correctly, they can do more wonders than color could. To get this Fashionista’s look, play off the shape or pattern of a garment rather than focusing on color alone.

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