TREND: Let Us Accesorize

It’s hard to look put together during finals week, but today’s Fashionista pulls together an ensemble that is gorgeous any day of the year. A slate gray dress provides the perfect backdrop for her multi-layered and well-accessorized outfit. The tie in the middle gives the dress shape, while the cut and length makes it ideal for spring and summer weather. An unbuttoned black blazer keeps this Fashionista warm amidst the evening chill and gives a professional polish to the look.

With just the blazer and dress, it is already a lovely outfit. But what makes the outfit are the accessories and small touches. Bright red nails bring a pop of color into her look, and the vivid shade matches well with her scarlet bangle. The color contrasts well against the backdrop of her metallic Jack Rogers sandals. On her wrists, she wears a classic silver watch, a chain bracelet and a hair tie in addition to the bangle. Her accessories on the left wrist reflect necessity and practicality as they allow her to put her hair up and to time herself during exams. She totes her review notes and books in her brown leather bag. The braided detail handle of the chic bag keeps it sturdy and adds a bit of flair.

Hint: Blazers and accessories over a simple dress can help you look like you spent hours putting your outfit together. Blazers over a dress make nearly any outfit appear casual enough for classes and professional enough for an interview. Try mixing classic jewelry and watches with more sentimental or useful adornments like friendship bracelets or hair ties.

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