TREND: Get Noticed on Campus

As I ventured through the streets of downtown Tempe to put in some last minute back-to-school shopping Saturday afternoon, I made stops at the local boutiques to find the best deals on clothing and accessories that wouldn’t hurt my “book fund.” Several of the ASU students I met along the quest were feeling quite similar – the expense of textbooks can leave one feeling troubled. On the contrary, shoppers at Buffalo Exchange were in good spirits, as they not only shopped, but also discussed what they’d be wearing the first days of school. Overhearing many excellent ideas, I quickly learned the trending topic: light weight and colorful.

Understandably enough, walking from one class to the next class in Arizona’s heat demands for students to wear "climate-controlled clothes," as ASU Style Guru Leah Starr once said. Bright colors on interesting patterns to any piece of clothing or accessory will get you noticed. This Fashionista's outfit is a marvelous example. My eyes immediately drew to the vivid-colored peacock pattern on her maxi dress from Forever 21. Unlike most Arizonians who prefer flip-flops, her feet braced black sandals with “X” straps from Target, where she also found her  brown croc embossed bag. This Fashionista was not sporting any accessories beyond small black stud earrings, but the fresh color choice of nail polish, (iceburg blue), was enough to flatter the eyes. An outfit of this sort would be ideal for getting around campus comfortably in style.

So fellow Fashionista/os, as we make our way to the runway on the pavements of school grounds, let’s get noticed! Focusing on minimal, bright-colored garments will do the trick until the temperature permits more layers.

Hint: You can’t go wrong with the ruler of minimalism: American Apparel, and Target’s line Mossimo Supply Co. has a great variety of junior maxi dresses.

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