TREND: Let’s Get Some Shoes

“Shoes, Shoes. Let’s get some shoes.” The popular YouTube video reminds me of the importance of the shoe. Whether you have five or fifty pairs, shoes today hold more value than ever before. For many the accessory is more significant than the dress, the blouse, or the pants. Shoes make the outfit. And there is much to consider with any pair such as comfort, durability, color, and style.

The current shoe trend sweeping the world is, in a word, “fierce.” Well, maybe not the world. Something tells me my Grandmother won’t partake. Still, it does seem to be showing up on catwalks and campuses alike, adding a bit of edge and sex appeal to the foot. Case in point: The late Alexander McQueen’s spring 2010 runway show was anything but delicate. His cyborg-themed runway show was loaded with shoes tall and wide. He did not skimp on the chunk, and because of his influence, and his influence on other designers, shoes are show-stopping once again.

This shoe-conscious Fashionista was caught in a pair of chunky wedges and just the right getup to pair with them. Subtle yet attention-getting, her elastic strapped patent wedges were adorable and, allegedly, comfortable. Accompanying her stems, a cheetah and floral print rouched mini skirt, a basic black tank, a sterling silver necklace, and wayfarer sunglasses completed the look.

Hint: The comfort of a chunky, strappy wedge is enough to make a believer out of anyone. Want your own pair? Check out this Fashionista’s favs at Payless. Need more edge in your life? Want to take a risk? McQueen-inspired space-age snakeskin shoes, on a slightly smaller scale and for a slightly smaller budget, can be found from the Jessica Simpson Collection. Jonesing for that pale lavender nail polish? Check out O.P.I.’s new Shrek line, available at salons this spring.

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