TREND: Let’s Get Tropical

If you thought floral or animal prints were going to be the "it" print of the summer, think again! More and more tropical prints have been taking center stage! Thanks to Prada who set the tone for this groundbreaking print: with the Spring collection full of grapefruits and bananas, the tropical print has become one of the high fashion favorites this summer. I love how these fruity and flowery patterns allow Fashionistas to be spontaneous.

If you haven’t tried already, do something bold with a tropical print! Take advantage of the fact that this pattern can be very versatile and offers so many different ways to style a great summer look. You can either rock the print as a statement piece for a bold look like the Fashionista here. As you can see she created a very cute, summery Native American inspired look with her dress. She used the tropical print dress as her statement piece, and paired the right accessories to achieve her Native American inspired look.

Her tropical print dress consisted of several lovely colors that look even great when complemented by her accessories. I especially love that she wore two pairs of earrings! Who says that one is enough anyway! Her choice of feather earrings and shimmer definitely shows that she’s got a creative side. The tassels on her vest and the embellishments on her sandals also provide an awesome variety of different textures and patterns to her look. On the other hand, you could also mix tropical prints with other patterns if you like the idea to dare to be different. Be loud and proud by pairing your tropical prints with a polka dot or striped pattern item. This could be a silk chiffon polka dot blouse with a tropical print skirt, or a polka dot dress with tropical print accessories.

Hint: Whatever way fits you best, this print is guaranteed to get you into the summer spirit. Don’t be afraid to make a statement, but make sure you don’t go overboard with the prints. It’s definitely clear that the tropical print has gone a long way from the Hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts!

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