TREND: It’s All About the Color

Today's Fashionista shows how sexy a brightly colored trench coat can be. Even on a terrible and wet cloudy day, the vibrant red shows that sometimes the best fashion is not about style or excessive accessories, but simply about color. For a classical winter fashion item like a trench coat, which most people would go for black, white or gray, a bright color will make all the difference. 

Think neutral and basic when it comes to the footwear. Let all the attention be on the bright color of your outerwear. This Fashionista did a good job choosing black feather boots to avoid the color conflict. It also her trench coat to stand out as the key piece in her ensemble. 

I hope this Fashionista has inspired you to ditch your dark bulky winter coat, and find a brightly, colored jacket.

As a fresh twist on a fashion classic, trench coats are available in every color of the rainbow if you patiently search online. My favorites include Priorities red cotton 'Angelina' belted trenchcoat and Orange Trench Coat with Heritage Stripe Inside.

Get bold this season and allow your coat color to do the talking. 

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