TREND: Listening to Lovely Lace

No, Lovely Lace is not a new band. No, if you hold lace up to your ear you will not hear anything (even if it is the most beautiful lace in the world). But, lovely lace is a trend this season. Ultra feminine and delicate, lace details make ordinary items a little sexier.

While there is something classic and elegant about lace, the lace we see this season has been transformed. We are looking at lace’s edgier cousin. Or maybe it is just the way we have been wearing it.

As it is partially sheer, lace, when worn by itself, is edgy. Although not all of us are jumping on lace bodysuit bandwagon, we can all indulge in this trend with some lace here and there. With lace, we can be as modest as we want. While some boldly wear a lace tee with only a bra, others might wear a tank top underneath. It is up to you.

Lace is just lovely as the extra detailing on an already trendy item this season: the vest. This Fashionista pairs her lace vest with a purple babydoll tank top, denim shorts, and cute cowboy boots. She could go straight to a outdoor country concert and have a great time, while looking casual and stylish.

To get her look, put on some denim shorts, a tank top, and cowboy boots. Top it off with a vest with a lace back. The lace touch adds a feminine flair to an otherwise ordinary summer outfit.

Looking for a little extra edge? Pair this lace tunic with a leather jacket for a rock concert.

Stick with lovely lace this season, and you cannot go wrong.

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