TREND: Luxe Fur for Any Outfit

After two stressful weeks of finals, papers and projects, the last thing a Fashionista needs is anxieties over what to wear during the vacation. We’ve all been there—standing in front of an empty suitcase, trying to decide how to fill it with easy, comfortable clothes that will show everyone back home how sophisticated you’ve become.

This Fashionisto has the perfect solution to the winter break wardrobe dilemma. His chic outfit is actually comprised of relatively basic pieces that become instantly trendy with the addition of a luxe fur coat. His black coat is a great example of the fur trend that has been storming the fashion world lately. The dark color can easily be incorporated into a variety of outfit choices, while the shiny look and soft texture make it luxurious and chic. The rest of his outfit consists of a basic white shirt and pair of neutral cargo pants, styled with a black scarf. He finished the look with a pair of black and red shoes to give the outfit a pop of color.

If you are looking to emulate his look, a great coat is necessary. My personal favorite is Opening Ceremony’s bone-colored coat. However, very few college students can invest in an expensive coat. This is why faux fur options, like the ones found at Urban Outfitters or Topshop, are great wardrobe additions that won’t break the bank. You can also try a coat or jacket with a fur collar for a more subtle use of the trend. Or, for a true statement piece, try a leopard print option. With a fur coat, you will be able to fill your suitcase with comfortable basics and still look chic during the winter break.

Hint: If you’re new to fur (real or faux), start with accessories. Slowly transition yourself by wearing fur mittens or earmuffs and working your way towards statement pieces. A fur scarf or collar is also a great way to incorporate the look into your wardrobe without committing to a full coat.

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