TREND: Luxe in Leather

During the dreary winter months, recreate a classic minimalist look with a little bit of leather. This Fashionista incorporates a pair of leather shorts into her otherwise minimalist look, by pairing them with a neutral gray blouse, simple black tights and black high-top sneakers. By pairing her leather shorts with tights and seasonally appropriate shoes, this look is no longer limited to the milder months. This Fashionista can now carry her look from Winter to Spring, and simply ditch the tights as warmer weather arrives. By choosing a fabric that is more durable and heavy, like leather, this look can remain one that is both tasteful and toasty in every season. She makes this look her own by adding a teal ostrich-print satchel to offset the many basic pieces in her outfit, and the splash of color also adds an eye-catching component to her look.

This trend is not only season-less, but also, versatile. Leather shorts can serve as a basic staple piece in your wardrobe. For example, they can be paired with a basic tee and cardigan to put an extra twist on an ordinary outfit. They can be belted for extra adornment, or dressed-up with a sheer blouse, tights, and booties. The versatility of this trend allows you to take an ordinary item and make it your own, one of its best qualities!

Hint: The mixture of fabric and texture can have a huge impact on your look. Allow the leather in your look to stand out by placing it amongst simple textures, like a sheer blouse or opaque tights. Also, by avoiding complicated patterns and prints, the leather in your outfit is sure to stand out and be seen.

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