TREND: Mad for Plaid

Although plaid has been a trend for several seasons now, I don’t see it going out of style any time soon. Plaid is such a great print to wear in the fall. It’s fun and the flannel styles are so cozy and warm. Another great thing about plaid is the variety of color palettes it comes in and you can find a plaid shirt at nearly any store. If you have a button-up style, they are perfect for layering when the weather is chilly.

This Fashionista mixes two different plaid patterns for a different look. She has paired a purple and black plaid button-up over a simple black T-shirt with indigo skinnies and Velcro Converse sneakers. She has added a blue and black plaid backpack for an interesting twist that not a lot of people would be brave enough to try. Mixing patterns, or in this case, wearing two different colors of a pattern, works well as long as you keep one item as the focus piece so you don’t end up looking overwhelmed with prints. She has kept her purple shirt as the focus and the backpack works like an accessory and adds a little something extra to an otherwise simple outfit.

Hint: If you are afraid to wear this much color or print, try sticking with one single plaid item, like the button-up shirt or a plaid bag. American Eagle has a cute option of a plaid boyfriend-style shirt. Target also has some great options in a ton of different colors and styles. If you are looking to add a plaid purse or backpack to your outfit, check out these two cute options from Buckle. Plaid shirts and bags are the perfect items for fall and you can wear them in so many ways. It’s a great trendy piece to try that you can get for a really good price.

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