TREND: Making the Past Relevant

This Fashionista caught my eye with her mod yet conservative floral print dress. Trends are about recognizing what is being worn around you and being able to interpret and execute them to your own liking. This particular long sleeve dress is a composite of trends from the ‘60s and ‘70s. The feminine floral print mixed with the high neckline reminds me of the mod ‘60s style. On the other hand, the bell of the sleeve and flare of the dress has more of a ‘70s style. While the style of the dress has both ‘60s and ‘70s influence, the trend of the long sleeve and floral print are commonly seen today. The meshing of decades into one piece of clothing, and making them relevant to today’s trends, is what this Fashionista successfully shows us.

One way to capture past trends and styles is vintage or thrift shopping. This option allows for cheap finds and authentic styles. One thing to keep in mind when thrift shopping is to have patience and the right eye for unique pieces. If mainstream shopping is more up your alley, then hone in on one aspect of the decade, and make it related to today’s style. For example, the ‘70s tie on this dress is exaggerated, but the sheerness of the sleeves and neutral color palette are trends that are in line with today’s fashion. A dress similar to this Fashionista is this feminine Free People dress. In order to make this dress more modern, try mixing the girly frock with motorcycle boots for an edgy look. A major part of a trend today is being able to not only mix decade styles, but to be able to mix opposites of each other and make them work.

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