TREND: Man with the Messenger

“The Murse. The Manny Pack. The Manbag.” While the negative connotations we have commonly seen associated with men carrying bags are often all-too familiar, this notable Fashionisto shows us precisely why our fellow males should no longer fear being known as “the boy with the bag.” While these terms may make the image of a man carrying a bag seem like an offbeat or even somewhat unsettling trend, this Fashionisto demonstrates that the manbag can be in fact perfectly masculine. This Fashionisto packs his daily essentials in his canvas sportsman bag, a space much more sufficient than the pockets of his cargo pants. His canvas bag is appropriately placed among his layered look. By pairing the prominent texture of his bag next to the layers of his plaid button up, gray cardigan and navy Burberry trenchcoat, this Fashionisto’s bag becomes the striking component in his look. His slate-gray leather sneakers and simple deep denim jeans follow suit with the neutral tones that are evident throughout his look. This Fashionisto’s tortoise-shell glasses pull his overall look together and make it perfectly polished for any occasion. His sportsman bag is not only stylish, but also practical. For example, the Filson bag pictured above is multi-pocketed, making it easy to fill-up with the essentials necessary to make it through the day. He packs for work, class, and the gym—with room to spare and more time to “take it easy” throughout the day. The durability of men’s bags on the market today also make them an appealing (and stylish) alternative to the typical male’s beat-up (and ahem..boring), backpack.

Hint: Bags for males are no longer limited to only one silhouette. When incorporating this look into your wardrobe, be sure to check out the various options available in terms of shape. Men are no longer limited and can explore newsboy bags, messenger bags, totes, and carry-alls in addition to the simple style of the basic briefcase.

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