TREND: Maxi-mize Your Power

The year is finally over and college seniors are graduating all throughout the week. Summer crept up behind us and, suddenly, we are surrounded by lush plants and fluffy grass lawns. The temperature is still cool, but there is a hint of the summer heat that trickles into the weekly forecast. Despite the warm weather, Fashionistas still prefer to cover-up, but not in the way you think. No, I’m not saying this season will capitalize on being conservative. I will, however, encourage that you invest in some maxi skirts and dresses because they are back for a second round this summer. Maxi dresses are a fantastic way to transition from a beach day to a night out. They can be worn either on their own or with a light jacket or T-shirt on top for a cute casual look.

Today's Fashionista was found lounging in the campus center enjoying a cup of coffee while waiting for the sun to come out. Before her adventures in Micronesia this summer, the featured Fashionista has decided to don slightly more conservative apparel down south. Still, she pulls off a rather trendy look with a mens' Old Navy button-down jean shirt, a cream-colored Forever 21 maxi dress, an oval pendant from Madewell, and a waist-belt from Urban Outfitters. With only a few style pieces, this Fashionista looks incredibly fashionable and classy. She tops off her look with a pair of flip-flops although you could always opt for a pair of espadrille wedge sandals by Michael Kors or a pair of Dolce Vita flat sandals. The best parts of this week’s Fashionista’s outfit are that it is perfect for any type of occasion, you have the liberty of accessorizing with absolutely anything, and it is extremely packable for any journeys you may take over vacation A plain maxi dress is a staple for the summer, so try to invest in one. Once you do, you will find that they are extremely comfortable and adaptable because they work with everything. You can also pair the maxi dress with a big floppy straw hat by Aqua.

Whatever you decide, be sure to maxi-mize your style this summer!

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