TREND: Maximize Your Height

For all you petite Fashionistas out there (including myself), shying away from anything with the word maxi in it has probably become a habit by now. I absolutely love the trend, don't get me wrong, but like most petite women I'm morbidly afraid of looking like I'm wearing a tent. Our fabulous Fashionista this week has given me the inspiration to finally add length to my skirts and dresses, and to go in a direction I never thought I could pull off.

If you're going to wear a maxi dress, especially if you're on the shorter side, make sure you do it right. This Fashionista is a vision in a plum coloured velvet maxi dress that skims her ankles, making her look taller and revealing a very modern pair of strappy wedges. To avoid looking like she's wearing yards of fabric, she cinches her waist with a thick leather belt, which shows off her figure to perfection. Add a plethora of accessories (check out that feathered headband!) and a handbag that accents your shoes, and you've got yourself a great summer look that'll add inches to your height.

Hint: Being petite doesn't mean you have to limit yourself in terms of fashion choices, but, there are a few tricks that can help elongate your figure. Patterns are great, especially long vertical lines. Another idea is to, like our Fashionista here, add a belt to your waist, which will break up your torso and make your legs look longer. Finally, if you're wearing something plain and of one colour, don't forget to accessorize. Zara has a great selection of simple and elegant maxi dresses.

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