This past season, military styles have appeared all over campus and have been taking shape in anything from jackets to pants. However, most often, I see this look in combination with distressed denim and leather, which seems a little more Balmain than Burberry. Every once in awhile, though, I find military in a different form, one that shows off refined taste and flawless class.

That is how I distinguished this Fashionista from the rest. She took a different spin on the trend by adding her femininity into the mix. The ruffled trim on her coat provides girly details without overpowering the masculine attributes of the military trend. Similarly, she layers it over a white lace tank that makes the ensemble a little more delicate and a little less structured. Its intricacy gives another dimension to the outfit as it competes with the solid material of the jacket.

With the addition of each article, this Fashionista just exudes sophistication and minimalism. She doesn’t have to be over-the-top to get noticed. From her hair to her pointed-toe flats, she manages to make military look polished and put together, a refreshing variation of the trend.

Hint: Still not crazy about military? Try a military peacoat – it incorporates the trend without going out of the comfort zone for many of us!

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