TREND: Military Jackets and Fur Boots

Hooray! Class has begun and there is nothing better than having a nice coffee run right before class. While most of us are dreading that early morning class after a much-deserved vacation, our outfits shouldn’t suffer because of it. It’s easy to throw on a simple tee, jeans and flats, but an outfit that is striking will catch anyone’s eye (including the hottie sitting next to you in Philosophy).

This isn’t Fashion Week where everyone looks impeccable, but trying to look your best with simple touches are the way to go. Styled up and down, our Fashionista is wearing four current trends without even being aware of it. Lace, cropped blazer with detail, fur, and boots. What an outfit! The greenish-tone in this military jacket from Fashion Q offsets the brown in her boots from Charlotte Russe, while the white lace shirt pairs well with her torn up jeans. Let's not forget the detail on the shoulder; a few sequins brings this jacket up a notch from military masculine to girly edgy. 

So Fashionistas/os, grab your book bags and next time you're thinking simple, take that extra second to take your outfit up a notch by adding a pattern or material that will make or break the outfit. You'll be glad you did in the end. Cheers to the spring semester!

Hint: If you want to dress it up, but keep the same feel, Juicy Couture has a beaded velvet blazer that would pair well with heels. For a good pair of skinny jeans, you can find any at True Religion or J Brand jeans, which are designed to make those curves look great.

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