TREND: Mix Things Up

One thing that every Fashionista strives for is the ability to achieve the “I just threw this together” look. Of course I don’t mean just throwing on sweats and Uggs; I am talking about the ability to improvise an outfit that looks effortless and trendy. While it is a relatively simple concept (you just throw an outfit together, right?) it is rarely that easy. In reality, it can take a decent amount of time to find the right pieces to put together an ensemble that says, “I wake up looking this good.”

This Fashionista exudes that effortlessly chic look. She does not give off the feeling that she put huge amounts of effort toward mixing her outfit, but still looks stylish and trendy. She does this is by mixing and matching her patterns, giving an overall nonchalant effect. She mixes the plaid scarf with her tweed coat, oxford, and knit beanie. The contrasting textures and patterns give the look its spontaneous appeal. However, she keeps the outfit from appearing confused or busy by matching colors. By sticking to cool blues, grays, and a touch of pink with every piece of the ensemble, she makes the pieces form a cohesive look, rather than competing with each other. Using vintage-inspired pieces also gives the outfit a look that can only be described as Oliver, with a twist.

To get a similar look as our Fashionista, and an instantly effortless charm, go for trendy pieces with a vintage-inspired feel. A tweed coat, like our Fashionista’s, to accomplish this task. Style it with a plaid scarf and knit beanie to add to the eclectic mix. Finally, throw on a pair of oxfords, like our Fashionista’s Urban Outfitters ones, to complete the look. Just remember to keep the colors similar while mixing pieces, or you will end up looking like a crazy cat lady! 

Hint: The easiest way to achieve an effortless look is to build a closet full of fabulous items. I highly advocate going through your wardrobe regularly to give away anything that is less-than-fantastic. Doing this, will make it ten times easier to “throw together” a fabulous outfit!

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TREND: Mix and Match

This week the temperatures dropped and an outfit consisting of leggings and boots from the waist down could be seen all over campus. This Fashionista played up the campus trend by color blocking her outfit. Her leggings were more than simple black spandex, but rather a jegging – leggings with a jean color look and texture. Further, her brown suede boots made the perfect transition into fall and on this colder day, suede was the perfect complement to keeping her feet warm. Moreover, the light pink sweater with a white tank underneath reminds Fashionista’s that while the leaves may be falling off the trees, September wasn’t over yet.

This outfit also went well with the Monday morning gloom and quiet that is widespread on campus. Her outfit is simple and comfy, but the boots, her patterned bag, and charm necklace make it look as if she effortlessly put herself together to face a new week of classes.

This Fashionista’s book-bag matches her outfit with the light pink, but also has its own rose pattern in distressed leather. The pattern eases into the fall trends, but also gives pop and an emphasis of color to this Fashionista’s total look. Finally, she would have looked far too simple and color blocked if it weren’t for her chain necklace – reminding passerby that while she may look cozy, she is still trendy in her outfit and has a fashion viewpoint.

The distinct colors and clean lines of this Fashionista’s outfit keep her well in touch with the color-blocking trends of fall as well as show off the concept that sometimes simple patterns go a long way. Fashionista’s don’t need to pattern-it up to make a statement – mixing and matching colors also provides a statement for every outfit.

Hint: Jeggings are a great way to avoid the bunching look at the knees that sometimes happens when people wear boots.


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